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"Making Your Child's Event Special with Phisticated Lady's Unique and Creative with Cover 'nTaste Services!"

Cover 'nTaste
Events for Kids Teens Ages 2-16

"Let Phisticated Lady Add Magic to Your Children's Cover 'nTaste Event Services"

All party packages accommodate party sizes up to 50 people.

There is a 6-person minimum to book.

All themes include canvas, setup, and instructions

*****If your party is over 30 people, ask for more information for parties over 30 people.

*****Cover 'nTaste Paint n Sip Events do not include food and drinks.

******Food & Drinks are optional and at additional cost. Ask about options. However, you may bring your own.

*****Ask about available character and cartoon themes

Themed Cover 'nTaste

Choose your theme for your kids Cover 'nTaste or go freestyle.

The kids get their Cowboy or Cowgirl outfits out and show off their Cowboy or Cowgirl outfits while painting and drinking their favorite drinks with friends.

Let the kids keep being young with their friends with a Hula Hoop themed Cover 'nTaste.

Let the kids camp out for a night in the backyard for an exciting camping experience. Great idea if you plan to take your kid camping for the first time to get them ready.

5/ 1st Lady/ King of the Pack Theme

Let your child enjoy a time with his or her friend girls or guys. They will play, paint and drink their favorite drinks for a new unconventional ladies' or guys' night out or day out.

Kids get together bring their favorite toys to show, paint and drink their favorite kid drinks together.

With this Color Me Bad theme kids wear the hostess's favorite color, paint, and drink their favorite drinks with their friends.

Kids can bring objects that glow in the dark to show off to their friends while they paint and drink their favorite drinks.

Kids get together and show off their favorite hats or themed hats to each other while they paint and drink their favorite drinks.

Kids love can candy! I got the game just for them! A Pinata Painting Party. They will smash the pinata during their breaks from painting with their favorite drinks.

The kids get to impersonate their favorite celebrity. Kids will enjoy time with their friends with this impersonation they really look like them?

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