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Cover 'nTaste FAQ's
For Paint n Sip Booking Event

  • What is a Cover 'nTaste
    A Cover 'nTaste is a nontraditional Paint n Sip for kids without the alcohol beverages instead, water, soda, juice, etc. is served. Cover 'nTaste events are themed painting for the pleasure of the your child and guests. You name it I make sure your theme is in the Cover 'nTaste that you want for your child's next party.
  • What should I expect?
    Themed Cover 'nTaste is an event that abnormal from the rest. Children get painting instruction with a judgement free environment with his or her friends. Kids can expect to hear music of your child's choice, your child and friends can sing along, dance and enjoy his or herself with friends and paint. This is a 1st Class Ticket feel the 1st Class Treatment! Cover 'nTaste parties: Are 2 hour parties Use acrylic washable paint Canvas sizes are 5x5 or 8x10 (depends on party theme
  • How do I book an event?
    You first need to decide if you have any questions about your event and how I can assist you with my Cover 'nTaste (Sip n Paint) event for your child. You can book a free consultation here. If you know what you want already and ready to book my service click here.
  • How much does it cost?
    The cost is $65 per person who is painting at the private party with your child. The minimum is six (6) people to book. Cover 'nTaste parties for under six (6) people are not provided. I accommodate up to 50 people in one setting. However, you will have to make sure your venue can accommodate 50 people with tables. Snacks and drinks are not included. Snacks and drinks are an additional charge if you want me to provide snacks and drinks. For Public Events Public event bookings cost are $65 per person painting, food is an additional cost. To book a kids public event, book here.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    Nothing! Bring yourself if its public. If not and you planning a private party, I bring everything except the snacks and drinks unless, it's what you order. I provide everything for you to have fun: paint, canvas, brush, apron and my talent. You can bring in any NON-alcoholic beverages or food and snacks to enjoy. All events except for kids events are BYOB if you choose. Public events are by registered on first come, first serve. So make sure you register early for family events or married couple events because some sits are limited. At public events you may bring a blanket.
  • What should I wear?
    Lets face reality! Painting and Sipping will give you a great time out with a loved one or friends. However, paint splatting can get anywhere on your clothes even with an apron on. I suggest you wear something comfortable but be ready for any accident to happen. Do not wear white. If you have clothes you don't mind messing up, go for it and wear it. Do not wear your best or favorite clothes cause things can get messy!
  • What if I need to cancel my booked private?
    Cancellations for private parties are always possible and happens. A 48 hours notice is required with the forfeit of your deposit. I do not issue refunds. No Shows will not be rescheduled, no exceptions. However, winter and Phisticated Lady canceled events will be refunded. For cancelling or reschedules requests must be done by email: Cancellations for public events are always possible and happens. I do not issue refunds. No Shows will not be rescheduled, no exceptions. However, winter and Phisticated Lady canceled events will be refunded. If you miss the event, please do not contact Phisticated Lady for a refund, refunds are not issued.
  • Do you provide alcohol?
    Phisticated Lady Cover 'nTaste do not provide alcohol beverages. However, you are welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages to enjoy during your event depending where the location is. Some events will be at a local park, alcohol beverages are not allowed on the premises of local parks in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, or High Point.
  • Do you offer private services?
    Of Course! A Cover 'nTaste party is perfect for all including kids! I host bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, baby showers, work parties, team builders, birthday and kids parties. Visit my Event Services Page for more information. Private Party---No problem! Private Parties Information. If you looking to have a Cover 'nTaste at your home, book a free consultation to get started.
  • How old do I have to be for the Cover 'nTaste?
    I recommend at least 6 years old to paint and and be accompanied by an adult if the person is under 16 years old.
  • Do I need art or painting experience?
    Absolutely not! It's all fun, enjoy yourself in a judgement free environment. If you so happen to make a mistake on your painting, go forward and keep painting.
  • Is your Cover 'nTaste private or public?
    Both. I provide public events and private parties.
  • What are Cover 'nTaste parties good for?
    Cover 'nTaste parties are good for Married Couples date nights Men Groups Lady Groups Camping Groups Family Gatherings Business Team Building Social Event Groups Networking Birthday Parties Bridal Shower Baby Shower Retirement Parties Promotion Parties and much more
  • How long does the Cover 'nTaste last?
    Cover 'nTaste parties last 2 hours at the least.
  • Can you do a Cover 'nTaste for a kids party?
    Absolutely! I provide Cover 'nTaste themed parties for kids.
  • How do Cover 'nTaste work for Team Building?
    Every business wants to find a way to engage its' employees. Team building is key. By hosting a Team Building Cover 'nTaste your employees will continue to look forward to the event and will improve their engagement and stay longer at your company.
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