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Phisticated Lady

Of Winston

Where It All Started

Phisticated Lady is an Events Producer based in Winston-Salem. I have created elegant and fun events since 2003. I decided to bring my ideas to the community in 2016, I enjoy myself in creating highly customized and unique events. Whether planning your next Kids Event, Adult Event or Business Event, I am here to make sure that every event I am involved with is exciting, unusual, and impressive. I love creating an occasion that guests will love and remember for years to come talking about the event with my themed Paint n Sip.


I like to see people enjoy themselves with their friends. Friends make you happy and that is a place you want to stay. I understood everybody do not want to go in public but still want to be around their friends through the pandemic. I wanted to make this happen and decrease exposure of COVID. As the Phisticated Lady of entertainment, I wanted to make sure friends were able to get together with each other and paint with drinking on water, coffee, juice or soda, Creating Cover ‘nTaste for private parties.


But what about the kids!

Paint and Sip’s surfaced as an adult event. A lot of people left the kids out. I decided to include the kids! I spoke with a teenager who encouraged me to create the Cover ‘nTaste idea to give children a chance to enjoy the fun painting too with their friends. Kids love to paint too. So, majority of my Cover ‘nTaste parties are ordered for kids’ birthday and sleepover parties. I have created several themes for my Cover ‘nTaste Sip n Paint parties creating a fun and social experience for children to hand out with their friends and make something that is art related, doing something different creating a masterpiece to take home with a gift.

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